learning to dance again (fikgirl) wrote in fandom_isle_ooc,
learning to dance again

[ADMIN] The Rescue: One Month Away

Though it was close, after some time and consideration, I have decided to go with one month for the rescue. This gives people plenty of time to wrap up things, maybe do a few fun posts. Again, remember, you are not obligated to and don't have to RP anything in the month leading up to the rescue.

Alternately, you may post a statement like, "My PC builds a raft and sails around the island" or "Player X and I have decided that our PCs get it on like bunnies" or anything to that effect. If you want to RP it, feel free, if not, then don't.


. . .Oh, and watch this space for news and announcements about the Next Big RPG (NBRPG); you folks will get first opportunities for joining up and picking characters, for all who are interested . . .
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