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[ADMIN] It's the End of the Game as We Know It

As discussed last year, it's come down to that time. It's time to end fandom_isle. It's been great, it's been fun, but I think we can all agree (or mostly all agree) that it's all been done. For those of you who've held on since the beginning, kick starting life into the game with fits and spurts for two years (!!!), it's been great and fun and really appreciated. For those of you who are new, I'm sorry that the game will be fading, and I hope that you've had fun and will play with (those of ) us (who chose to play in another RP) again. This is a wonderfully creative bunch of writers and I'm so glad that I met all of you; I look forward to having the opportunity to do something like this in the future.

Now, instead of just allowing the game to languish, I thought we could play out the rescue and maybe touch a bit on what comes afterward. This means
  • wrapping up the luau (and possibly the day after),
  • deciding where your characters are and what they would have accomplished between the luau and the rescue,
  • deciding when the rescue will take place, and
  • gearing up for the rescue itself.

This means that the game is going to go into a little bit of a state of flux until the point of the rescue. No hard and fast rules as to what days we're on, so if you have something you want to post that can't happen for a week (in game time) you can start that thread. If you want to stick to the luau, you can do that. If you and another player have something worked out that you want to play through, you can do that as well.

The floor is open to comments, suggestions and discussion. Questions welcome as well.
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